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Artesania Latina H.M.S. Endeavour Bark 1768 Kit

The HMS Endeavour is the perfect gift for modelers. With the acquisition of this wooden model you will have all the necessary parts to complete this scale model ship 1/60: fine woods, hand-sewn sails, threads, metallic accessories. Get this artwork of naval modeling in your personal collection.

This is a detailed model and wood working skills would be of benefit.

The H.M.S. Endeavour was launched in 1765. She was prepared three years later for a voyage under the command of Captain James Cook. Australia was than discovered and Tahiti and numerous islands sighted. She returned to England in 1771 bringing back all kinds of animals and vegetables unknown in Europe.
Captain Cooks 1768-1771 voyage in HMS Endeavour is considered to be of historical importance because she contributed a great wealth of Navigation, Seamanship, Exploration, and Geography to the worlds knowledge.
During this voyage Captain Cook was the first captain to calculate longitudinal position with greater accuracy using a mathematical formula developed in the 1760s.
Cook is also the first to reduce scurvy among his crew, a serious and sometimes fatal result of dietary deficiency on long voyages.
Before making history in the service of the British Navy the HMS Endeavour, under the name Earl of Pembroke was a merchant vessel carrying coal from England to Scandinavia.
Before setting off in 1768 the HMS Endeavour was drastically refitted, relining her hull, replacing her masts and adding armaments.
More recently there is speculation that the HMS Endeavour met her end off the coast of Rhode Island in 1778.
The HMS Endeavour was renamed to Lord Sandwich and returned to merchant service transporting coal after her historic voyage in the South Pacific. A ship named Lord Sandwich was intentionally sunk in Newport Harbor in 1778.

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